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ProductsIndoor BowlsBowls Carpet Handling Unit Bowls Carpet Handling Unit

The Bowls Carpet Handling Unit is perfect for storing and managing your Indoor Bowls Carpet.

• Single Tier for one carpet or Double Tier for two carpets.
• Designed to carry 30 foot carpets
• Roll out carpet directly from the unit, no heavy lifting!

Single Tier  
Height: 0.83m
Width: 0.62m
Length: 2.15m
Spindle: 2.35m
Weight: 37kg
Double Tier  
Height: 1.41m
Width: 0.73m
Length: 2.15m
Spindle: 2.35m
Weight: 51kg

All rollers are designed to carry either 30 or 45 foot mats.

Bowls Carpet Handling Unit assembly instructions can be downloaded here.